APSIDE-ARAGÓN is a scientific association created in December 2000 by students with a common passion: Space. Its main aim is to create space related initiatives in the young people and to participate in the creation of oppotunities for the student to be part of space projects. APSIDE means Association for Social Promotion of Space Development and Investigation.

   APSIDE also gives information about the last space development investigations and technologies. Another task of our association is to present the space exploration to the people as something understable for everybody through the divulgation.

Our task is divided in these parts:
    - SSETI project, the main task.
    - Educational activities.
    - Other space related projects.
   Our association is formed by students of the University of Zaragoza, working on some of the projects, or worked along this eight years. The association is always evolving and it's a complement for the degree studies, helping students to get a job easier.

History of APSIDE